Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Wall Scrolls: Available at your nearest Official Tournament Store!


Announcing an all new OTS prize, Yu-Gi-Oh! wall scrolls!


Bricks and Mortar stores who are signed up to the OTS program and who report for a consecutive number of months will have 1 free sent to them.


Yugi: 2 months

Kaiba: 3 months

Magicians: 5 months

Exodia: 6 months


After your store has unlocked a banner you are sent one for free which you must use in your store and must send us a picture or share a link to us from social media with the picture of you using the banner. You can only get the next banner in the series if you have met the requirement of the picture.


After that you can then purchase the banners which you have "unlocked" for OTS points to be used as prizing. This will cost 40 points and will be silver+.


If you run a store and would like to become an OTS please email us at yugioh@quickplayevents.co.uk

*This promotion is currently limited to OTS in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.


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